Bid Request
Homes in today's market place are not being built as they were in the past.   Today we find that 80% of our work is commercial, 10% new homes & the  remaining 10% is remodeling cabinets already built.  We are glad to help with  whatever your building needs.  You can email or call to set a time for us to  go over your needs.

Contractors:  We can go online to look at the job you're bidding & print out  the prints to make sure we catch everything in your specs.  We would also  like to offer you a chance to come down to our shop to show you the way we  build.  We generally have several different jobs at various stages of  completion so you can see for yourself the quality & craftsmanship of our  work.

Customers:  You are welcome to walk in our shop any time.  We are more than  happy to sit down with you and go over the cabinets you want built.  We  realize how important cabinets are to you and want to understand exactly what  you want and build the cabinets of your dream.  We suggest bringing pictures  from magazines or any friendsí cabinets when you come to our shop.  This will  allow us to see exactly what you desire for your home.

Interior Designers:  We have built many special cabinets for several  designers throughout the years.  If you can dream it up, we can build it.   One of our most recent projects included a cone shape vanity with a working  door to access the plumbing.  You can see a picture of this cabinet on our  "Past Work" page.  We have designed hidden compartments behind or in our  cabinets to help protect valuables for customers.    In fact, we have built  sections of wall cabinets that will swing out for access to a hidden door to  another room of the house.With today's market place, new homes are not being built as in the past.  Today we find that 80% of our work is commerical, 10% new homes & the remaining 10% is remodeling cabinets they already have.  We are glad to  help whatever your need.  You can either email or call to set a time for us to go over your needs. 
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